Day 2: Lies

Not gonna lie, this NaPoWriMo was a little tough for me. The exercise was writing about a lie, but I wrote what lies are instead. Not exactly the exercise, but at least I wrote something:

Lies are stranded pennies

lying on the concrete

waiting to be picked

up by a stranger

so they can feel

a sense of worth,

but where do they

end up? In jars,

penny slots, or still

lying on the ground?

If lies were currency,

we would have a

thriving economy. There would

be a surplus of

fibs, white, bold-faced lies.

But where could we

make an honest living

or an honest buck?

One can imagine. But

in the meantime, lies

are on the ground,

in jars, in our

minds. Lies are everywhere.

– Michelle D. Hooks


Copyright © Michelle D. Hooks 2013


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