Day 9: Noir

This NaPoWriMo piece is inspired by noir and I branched it out to the first poem I wrote for NaPoWriMo, so I suggest you read that one first before you read this one. I had fun with this exercise and I really liked how it turned out:

Your First (and Last) Encounter with a Femme Fatale

I don’t think you know me

as well as you think you do, stranger.

They call me Miss Scarlet.

You’re a regular at my Saturday night set

at the Loveshack Lounge

watching me sing Billie Holiday,

cradling birdcage microphones

just like I hold my baby,

my revolver.

Gentle, yet firm.

You see,

after I’m done singing,

I head to the bar where

every potential suitor knows

my favorite drink:

the White Russian.

Whoever orders first gets laid.

I don’t discriminate.

Oh, you ordered this for me?

Tonight’s your lucky night.


[Hook, line, sinker…]

I cast him a pick-up line

and reel him out of the

Loveshack Lounge

into my bedroom.

The magic happens there.

The grand finale, too.

I make sure he sits tight,

handcuffing him to the bedpost,

and my baby sings its favorite tune:




Who’s scarlet now?

– Michelle D. Hooks


Copyright © Michelle D. Hooks 2013

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