Day 20: Five Words or More

It’s two-thirds into NaPoWriMo and I’m still keeping at it! Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a poem using at least five words from this list. I wrote a haiku this morning about a weeping willow:

weeping willow leaves

are flat canoes ready to

set sail with the wind.

So I extended the theme for this exercise:

Wise Willow

My body rests near a riverbed.

I feel a Salix babylonia

stretching its branchlets

upwind, curling its fingers

at my direction.

“Come hither, sweet child,”

the leaves whistle.

So I did.

I press my ear against

S. babylonia‘s bark

and it whispers:

“The trees.

The trees.

The trees know everything…”

Willowy canoes float along with the zephyr,

my mercurial mood swing melts away,

and I found a place to keep

my head in the clear.

What a miraculous feeling!

– Michelle D. Hooks


Copyright © Michelle D. Hooks 2013

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