Day 21: Fortune Cookie Lines

I wrote some fortune cookie lines for NaPoWriMo, inspired by Frank O’Hara’s Lines for the Fortune Cookie. I didn’t write the exact amount of lines, but I wrote what I could think of:

“Oops, wrong cookie!”

– My friend’s fortune cookie read at a Chinese restaurant on Broadway Street in NYC, June 2009

Accessories that make a statement will spark a conversation.

Besides checkered taxis, you’ll rarely spot a yellow car in traffic.

Don’t assume you know a place if you haven’t lived there.

Go to a bar. Alone. Talk to a stranger. Get a free drink. Return the favor.

If someone told you someone else’s secret, what makes you think yours is sacred?

Not everyone will share your vision of success.

Pants-then-socks person or Socks-then-pants person. Which one are you?

Scared of planes? Take the longest flight you can take.

Take someone’s kindness and common courtesy as a romantic advance, and you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Tea is best served with a group of people, friends and strangers alike.

Truth is what truth does and the truth never lies.

When the birds and crickets stop chirping, something is wrong.

Where do you think you’re going, following someone else’s map?

You avoided the sidewalk cracks, but watch your feet!

– Michelle D. Hooks


Copyright © Michelle D. Hooks 2013

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