Day 24: Oh, Hemlock Isle!

The post title is an anagram of “Michelle Hooks” and apparently there are 4,272 more of them. I never wrote an anagram poem before NaPoWriMo and it was fun to write. Interestingly, my anagrams sound like fictional geographical places, so I used that as a theme. This is a work-in-progress that I will rework at a later time:

The Most Roundabout Traveling Guide to Hemlock Isle


Catch a ferry or

bike across The Hemlock Isle

Bridge to come visit!


Learn the Hemlock Isle’s

anthem, “Oh, Hemlock Isle!” so

you can sing atop

Echo Smoke Hills. Milch

Lee Hooks lives there, too. He is

a local celeb.

Lives in a cabin.

Take a smoke with him, it’s safe.

Chill, hoe, smoke,” he’ll say.



HILLS. Your best bet is

to yell at Heck Moose

Hill. Heck, no moose live there, so

you won’t be trampled.


There’s more to Hemlock

Isle than hills and drugs. Take our

small Downtown scene here.

Our dairy sells fresh

Echo Hole’s Milk and Cheese. No

one knows the farmer’s

secret. “It takes Echo Hole

Skill,” she says with pride.

A few shops down, the

finest footwear is

made at Choke Shoe Mill, owned by

a handsome young man.

The ladies heckle

him solo and smooch Eke Hill.

He doesn’t mind, though.

Do windchimes tickle

your fancy? Stop by Chime Sell

Hook. What else? Oh, don’t

forget to try Lech Mile‘s

Lech Lime Margaritas – it’s

cheap, sweet, refreshing.


There’s so much to see

and do at Hemlock Isle, so

you can rest your head

at the Homelike Lochs.

A few hotels there. Avoid

Mice Hells Hook, always.

– Michelle D. Hooks


Copyright © Michelle D. Hooks 2013

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