Day 15: Terza Rima

I can’t recall the last time I wrote in iambic pentameter, and that’s what I did for today’s NaPoWriMo prompt:

Today, I challenge you to write a poem in terza rima. This form was invented by Dante, and used in The Divine Comedy. It consists of three-line stanzas, with a “chained” rhyme scheme. The first stanza is ABA, the second is BCB, the third is CDC, and so on. No particular meter is necessary, but English poets have tended to default to iambic pentameter (iambic pentameter is like the Microsoft Windows of English poetry). One common way of ending a terza rima poem is with a single line standing on its own, rhyming with the middle line of the preceding three-line stanza.

This poem’s about writing because that’s what I do. This was a challenging one that I didn’t want to spend too much time on, so I’ll leave it here as a draft and edit it later.

Terza Rima: The Writing Life


We write away our feelings, secrets, fears

without abandon. Doors are locked with haste.

We shuffle papers, music to our ears.


We tap our pens with rhythm – keep the pace –

our fingers typing quickly. Clocks don’t stop

for anyone, so fill that empty space .


A writer’s practice – worthy goal to top.


– Michelle D. Hooks


Copyright © Michelle D. Hooks 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014

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