Day 17: Senses Poem

In this NaPoWriMo poem, something had to be described using three out of the five senses. In this case, I wrote about writing a letter to my favorite poet that I just put in the mailbox today, even though I wrote it last month! I don’t know if I followed the prompt exactly, but here’s my attempt.

The form to write five syllables in each line was inspired by Dua Aldasouqi‘s poem, “The World Has Taught Me So Much,” and I did that for the majority of them.

Senses Poem: A Reminder to Write More Letters

for H.M. and everyone else I write letters to

Thanks to spring cleaning,

I misplaced something

I meant to send months

ago – a letter

to my favorite

poet. I lassoed

black ink onto three

pages, taming my

admiration for

her in cursive. Used

very little Wite

Out® because of its

noxious fumes.

And I cannot stand

licking envelopes,

so I sealed it with

tape instead. Stamps are –

and forever will

be – the final touch

to send it away

to sunny Cali, and

I hope it reaches

her. In the meantime,

I need to write

another one.



– Michelle D. Hooks


Copyright © Michelle D. Hooks 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014

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