Day 23: Rough Translations Poem (Pt. II)

Good God, my least favorite NaPoWriMo prompt from last year  is today’s prompt. I avoided it like the plague last time because I had a tough time writing it. I followed through with it, but this is the roughest translation of Polish poet Urszula Koziol’s “PSALM” EVER.

VERY Rough Translation Poem: Offbeat Psalm

you would need an ode many see many sigh why waltz this

the pocket we see jests power towards civil the ledge

just same two geraniums prissy sleeping. A place

post a way and I am sighing

what prissy whoa join ’em knee backs knee

Why me Ana do pelt a knee a:

draw what now at my what drawing

prissy cot zany not waning

list prissy listing nose any

i pause on any slow om

i call ’em Roz the Zinny

old adage du Jimmy “oh woe”

same ox zoo door any of ’em

oh civil oh doll on knee ’em sudden sigh knee, oh doll

the pocket jests we many

dizzy to majestic tin observe

what contort civil knee zen age

what obstinate rose upon you

pause in law prism no zone of

see scale

– Michelle D. Hooks


Copyright © Michelle D. Hooks 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014

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